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Slightly … my love rabbits haven’t been able to go outside much due to the weather. (Its either been bloody raining or its just too bloody hot for the poor things!)

Last night was surprisingly cool, so I thought why not let them out for a few hours.
A few hours too many, got to about 9:30 pm and there still out there!

Whoops, least they got to enjoy the lovely evening breeze! XD

— 4 days ago

After playing Oblivion, I discovered a love for Dunmer kind.
I always made Phoenix a Nord when I used to play Skyrim. ( This was before I discovered Oblivion - yes, I played Skyrim first. Shame on me.)
I just really developed a love for Dark Elf’s, and seeing as though it made sense to make Phoenix a Dark Elf, here she is ready to travel through the land of Skyrim!
Like I did with Oblivion, she’ll focus on Archery, Conjuration + Destruction Magic, Alchemy + Enchanting, and the art of Stealth.
I plan on her being an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood and an elegant Nightingale for the Thieves Guild!

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I feel good enough for you ♪ ...

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Queen Elizabeth I - I love Tudor history. And I love the portraits of the Queen. So elegant!

— 1 week ago

Just a lazy scribble of my leading lady. X3

— 1 week ago
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Just testing out the photo editing software on my tablet.
Willow, my beautiful cat, being a perfect model for me!!~

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I’ve had such a good day.

I’ve taken a big and positive step to being more content with my drawing.

I love be being at the local museum. It is one if my happy places, I can relax there. And its just full of fascinating things, so many wonderful things to draw…

Its perfect for when I’m lacking some motivation.

Its taken its time, but I realised I kept on trying to do my art in a way that really didn’t suit me. I felt like I had to keep doing it that way because I had too. I’ve always just preferred very simple ways of doing things. So, just a HB pencil, some Biro’s and colouring pencils will do me just fine.

Returning to those techniques have done me so much good.
I feel comfortable, happy and I’m going in the right direction. I’ve done four detailed sketches today and I ain’t stopping there!


Right, now I’m off to relax, play some Pokémon and eat some cookies + chocolate milk! Yum!~

— 2 weeks ago