Nov 27 -

PROJECT NOTES: Artist Research:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The anatomical sketches of one of the greatest. A keen eye for detail, it’s how we learned what makes our body tick. I used to be frightened of skeletons and images of what’s inside the body as a childhood, nowadays I’m truly fascinated by it all.
  • Durer: Same with Da Vinci’s work, Durer taught himself and many through out history the anatomy of animals. Such vast knowledge that we would not have such easy access if it weren’t for those who studied it such splendid detail!
  • M.C Escher: His perspective work fascinates me. One of my favourite art pieces of all time is the one of the hand holding the ball with the reflection of the gentlemen.
  • Angela Barrett: Particularly her work on Beauty and the Beast. Such beautiful illustrations. My favourite is the one of her embracing the beast while he lies in the snow. Such simplistic beauty of the love that slowly sparks between the two in this old fairy tale that I grew up with. I still adore it so!~

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